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BeYou is phenomenal when it comes to coordinating incredibly moving experiences. The last retreat I attended was so well done. Between the flow of experiences and the beautiful relationships I developed there it was a treat of a lifetime." 

~ Erika W.

"These are amazing events...My family encourages me to go because I come back a changed person, a better person.  I don't ever want to miss out on these retreats!"

~ Marianne T.

"I had never been to a women's retreat before.  I wasn't sure what to expect.  I found beautiful souls just needing to be seen, heard, and appreciated. I felt the same in return. We laughed, cried, hurt, and healed together."

~ Emily S.



What Makes BeYOU Women's Retreats Different?

We all want to live a happy and peaceful life!  But as good and wonderful as life can be it can also be difficult or overwhelming at times.  The good news is, no matter how difficult life can be, and no matter what your burden is, happiness and peace can be yours! The Be You Women's Retreats help provide women with the support and tools they need to understand just how easy it is to love themselves and their lives.

We as women tend to carry particularly heavy loads because of our caring nature.  We know how hard it can be to do everything that needs to be done, provide for the needs of loved ones, and manage our own emotional, mental and physical needs.  We have helped many women just like you to find a moment to reconnect with themselves, receive empowering tools and information, and return home with the energy needed to improve their quality of life.


The Be You Women retreats are created by women and for women.  Our presenters are chosen both from professional female speakers who have built their careers by motivating and serving others, and from strong, encouraging women from within your communities. Their messages are crafted with great care to lift and support their fellow women, and to create a healing and comfortable atmosphere that will keep you engaged and inspired. 


At the weekend retreats you will meet other beautiful women, just like you!!  Women need other women! Sometimes it seems that life is too full to find the time to create real friendships with women in your local community.  Let us help! Join our sisterhood, create relationships, and get the support and encouragement you need to reach a more rewarding life.

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Marina- Utah

I had the privilege of attending a "Be You" women's retreat, over the weekend! I feel so rejuvenated, loved, & refreshed. I met some of the most caring, humble & AMAZING women. We laughed, we cried, we hugged, we shared our most vulnerable stories. And not one time did I feel judged. I can now say I have new friends from Maryland, Colorado and Utah! I didn't get many pics because I was too busy enjoying the moment ... all I have to say is, you owe it to yourself to attend a retreat! You won't regret it! 

Lacy- Colorado

I drove to Palisade for a women’s retreat with Be You Women's Retreats. It was so amazing to be around all these amazing, strong, loving, beautiful women. I didn’t know any of them, never met them in person or talked to them on the phone, but they made me feel so welcome and loved, without judgement or drama. I think they really know what they are doing here. Connecting souls, rejuvenating spirits, creating memories, making lifelong friendships, allowing breakthroughs, creating a safe space to just BE YOU!!! Thank you for everything!!!

Amanda, Maryland

This retreat was so much fun!!! I was so nervous coming to the retreat, flying for the first time since COVID,ect...it was more than worth it and I'm thankful I took the leap. You both are amazing and so was every other lady at the retreat. The space and energy is perfect for getting away from everyday noise, for being open to new things, relaxing, self-growth, ad more. I felt pampered with the swag, the endless snacks, and the thought and consideration the tribe puts in behind the scenes!!!" 

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