Hey Girl

We are dedicated to provide you an outstanding experience here in our community!  We are committed to helping you find balance,

uplift and encourage, and create connections with like minded women.  


These talented women are dedicated to our mission, values, and YOU!!

Real women with real stories, who will assist in your event experience. 

Sometimes we find our tribe. Sometimes our tribe finds us. And sometimes we create our tribe. But no matter how it comes about, having a group to help you through life is one of the most important things you can have. Connecting with people who get you, accept you, support you and celebrate you is an amazing thing!


Together we are creating a ripple effect of light, hope, connection, and love! Join us in our movement! 

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Kassie Poulson



  We build with

heart and balance

We develop relationships

that make a

positive difference

in our communities lives.  

Hey Girl,

 my expertise and vision is to lead my team to produce events that are memorable and exceed expectations. We are the leader in the self-improvement space for women.

I believe that providing women with the support and tools they need to understand just how easy it is to love themselves and their lives will lead to a better world. Our events help women find a moment to reconnect with themselves and receive empowering tools and information. 

At our events, my team and I create a space where women are able to come together and make some of the most amazing connections that wouldn't have happened in normal day life.

I look forward to you joining us!


Melinda Jeppsen


Come join our community for weekly empowerment and to stay updated on all the things we offer! 

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Join us at one of our upcoming events 

where you will have

the most amazing experience and ah'ha moments 

We would love you

to follow along

for weekly empowerment

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Want to get involved?

Guest, speaker, sponsor?

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