These talented women are dedicated to our mission, values, and YOU!!

Real women with real stories, who will assist in your event experience. 

Melinda Jeppsen


Terra Rich

Logistics Director 

"Be You is all about friendship, connection, healing, and self care. It’s about helping other women find these things in their lives. It means becoming more than just a wife, your job title, or a mom. It is finding and growing to better yourself."

Shannon Reyes

Event Coordinator

"Be You is a breath of fresh air in this busy world us women individually have! It allows you to create meaningful connections, networking and adds meaning into your life.

How wonderful is it to engage and share your tenderness and vulnerability with other women who are lacking the same experiences!

To watch each person grow and heal is an amazing opportunity! I am honored to be a part of Be You!

There's a certain happiness in being silly and ridiculous. 

Come Be YOU with us!!!  

Be You Women's Retreats

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