Build Your Own

Medicine Drum

June 11th, 2022
Roosevelt Utah 

Space Is limited 

The beat of the drum represents the heartbeat of our mother, this is the first sound we hear when we are in the womb. This is the heartbeat of our mother earth and is a way to connect with ourselves, others, and spirit.

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The hide of the drum carries the spirit of the animal that it came from, the wooden ring represents the circle of life, and the wood also carries the energy of the tree it came from.


The drum is used in ceremonies, prayer, and dancing. The drum can be used for clearing energies and drumming helps to awaken dormant emotions, can help to elevate the mood, decrease anxiety and stress, it also boosts immune system function, and benefits physical health.

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In this workshop, you will create your own sacred rawhide hoop drum and drumstick.

You will also experience a releasing drum ceremony to open your heart space and release what does not serve you. This will help you to be a clear channel as you create your drum.



Choose from a 15" or 18" Drum
With your choice of Elk or Deer hide.

15" drum is $355
18" drum is $380 

Colored hides can be available on request – (red, black, purple, turquoise) at an extra charge of $30.


Drum circle at dusk around the fire. 


Class taught by Tina Zufelt

Drum Making Class
Jun 11, 2:00 PM