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Join us for 3 days for a one of a kind experience where you will build relationships with other women, learn tools from one of a kind presenters, AND MORE!

at this amazing event to experience a retreat like never before!!!! 

Our events are known for giving you a place to be seen, heard, and loved just the way you are! 

The world needs strong women now more than ever!

Women who believe in themselves and can stand with confidence and love for themselves. 

Come and take time for YOU 

You will be taken care of the moment you arrive.

This event is for women in all stages of life. 


If you are a mom, single, divorced, 

a grandma, a working women, this is for you! 


Do this for yourself! 

Invest in yourself! 


 These events are for you to find yourself and just Be YOU! 

Come laugh and share moments with other women.


If you are an entrepreneur, an employee, 

a sister, if you are passionate,

if you feel like 

you're loosing your shit some days,

if you wait for days to fold the laundry,

this event is for YOU!!! 

This retreat will be an amazing experience where you feel the connection, openess and be welcomed by everyone.


 We are honest and genuin.

We love you before we have even met you! 

We are here to encourage you to be your best self! 

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is the ultimate vacation home in the ultimate vacation location! Situated in Santa Clara, within the Ocotillo Springs Resort; this home has immaculate views around every corner. With a private pool and spa, resort style amenities in Ocotillo Springs, and close proximity to many outdoor activities; The Views Resort has everything you could ever dream of! Watch the beautiful sunrise over the Snow Canyon mountains.  


Lounge next to the community resort style pool and challenge each other to a game of pickelball. 

The Views Resort


Carolyn Mohler

 Licensed Clinical Social worker She has over 21 years experience helping individuals and couples overcome challenges and limiting beliefs to become better versions of themselves.

Laruel Huston

Creator of body mapping. 

Out of Overwhelm: It doesn't have to be a challenge. Today is a perfect day for you to get out of overwhelm, comparison, 

tired, and everything else that comes along with DOING everyday, all day.  Learn what it means to BE instead of DO, and what that looks like for your body, your money, and your intimate life. 

Becky Kemp

Words Matter: Create your most beautiful life with the power of words

Melinda Jeppsen

Founder and creator of Be YOu

Hollie Hope

The Intuitive Emotion Coach, has taught for 13 years how to identify and clear self-sabotaging negative perspectives through kinesiology and utilizing intuitive healing gifts. Her passion in life stems from discovering clarity and wholeness after much loss, abuse and trauma throughout her life. 

The Smash House

We will enjoy an outing 

to the smash house.


Be You Women's Retreats

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