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We offer multi-day events that are designed to help you fully lean into your wholeness while processing and feeling any emotional pain that might have been
ignored/ avoided and heal emotional wounds that are causing painful patterns to repeat in life 

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Medicine for the Soul

It's human nature to desire improvement: Physically, Emotionally, Mentally, Spiritually, Environmentally, Socially, Economically & Intellectually. These are what researchers have identified as the 8-Facets of Well Being. To make lasting improvements "requires new insights and skills we must learn to practice. We need to build up karmic muscle to transform breakdowns in our lives into breakthroughs". Transcending into Gentled Warriors who take up the discipline of spirituality as the ancients have encouraged.

Such a journey requires a Coach, a sensei, to teach us – to show us how to focus our intention and demonstrate how to live in the present with Zen-like tranquility. We cannot be what we cannot see. We need a teacher to show how to see ourselves for who we really are, and therefore how to be our true selves. There is a Master Teacher: a sage who can teach any willing student the way of the Gentled Warrior.

That Master Teacher is the Mustang.


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  • Sep 17, 9:00 AM – 9:05 PM
    Central, 1000 E Holmstead Ranch Rd, Central, UT 84722, USA
    September 16th -17th, 2022
  • Jul 14, 4:00 PM – Jul 17, 9:00 AM
    Holmstead Ranch Resort , 1000 E Holmstead Ranch Rd, Central, UT 84722, USA
    This retreat is a 4-day, 3-night immersive with the horses. Accommodations in a beautiful cabin at Holmstead Ranch. Ride horses daily, with meditation, journaling, seminars, hiking, akashic reading, energy healing, ancient mode of prayer.
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The Purpose

Mental & emotional intelligence is paramount for any organization that aspires to great

levels of success. We share the ancient art of gentling a wild mustang into a trusted

battle companion. These beautiful animals have a special gift for teaching

correct principles deeply through this sacred process.



The Pressure

We safely guide one of the most spirited & powerful animals in the world into the

heights of humility through calculated pressure. Witness first-hand how challenging

situations become flint to the wildfire of personal and professional growth. Everyone

experiences pressure. Very few know how to properly develop and harness this gift.

This is the medicine we teach.

The Laydown

 Pressure becomes power when we choose to stop looking up &

outside and start looking down & inside ourselves for real answers.



The Power

Ancient wisdom. 

Real results tailored to the individual.  


The Promise

Strong mind and soft heart. 



Retreats hosted at Holmstead Ranch Resort 

Central, Utah


Holmstead Ranch 

Nestled in the shadows of Pine Valley Mountain, Holmstead Ranch Resort is the ultimate Southern Utah experience offering an unparalleled mixture of adventure and relaxation. Holmstead Ranch is ideally located near picturesque Snow Canyon State Park and is a short drive to Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks.

Our unique setting provides a great location for our mustang medicine retreats. 

Woodside cabins offer luxury and comfort in a rustic mountain setting.  Each cabin features a kitchen with full-sized appliances, picnic table, porch furniture, heat, air conditioning, WiFi, satellite TV, bathroom, a queen bed and futon sofa.  

The perfect way to get a great night’s sleep while enjoying the outdoors!



Call us directly and a Reservation Specialist will put together the perfect MUSTANG MEDICINE getaway for you!!! 



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Elise Jones 

A gifted horseman, eloquent speaker, kind, considerate human being and friend,  He gave a beautiful  workshop at my Women's Summer Hygge Retreat and I"m so excited to have him back for more next year!  Thank you for sharing your heart, Hugh 

Jodi Mccarthy 

The times I have spent with Hugh and the Mustangs have called me to a new place.  A place of greater fullness.  To be with the Mustang is to be with myself.  Any resistance or doubt-creates separation.  When I am with the Mustangs I am fully aware I have no desire for separation. I want to be united with all-where there is only truth and love- the only place of true uniting.    

Sashleigha Hightower

The months I spent Gentling Wild Mustangs with Mustang Medicine will be amongst the top most life changing experiences for me. 

I thought I was only "training or gentling" the mustang but in reality it was inviting me into my own magnificence alongside  them-which changed how I parented my mini wild mustang at home that called me mom.  It changed how I dealt with women looking in the mirror and all those "wild afraid mustangs" around me.  Thank you.