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Are You Showing Up For You?

How are you showing up for yourself???

Let life surprise you!

Life doesn’t always go as planned. Actually, it rarely does! Don’t get so caught up in trying to control every aspect of your life that you miss out on all the wonderful surprises that take you to places and moments that can give you so much growth and joy! (Like one of our retreats )

Let go! Trust the process! Be surprised! It will be worth it!

We hosted an amazing retreat! Every women showed up for themselves! It's hard to describe what we create at these events because it's more of a feeling that we create!

It's like praying for answers and getting them answered. It's being fulfilled and given that extra push. It's being reminded that you are capable of greatness! It's a natural high! It's coming home a better person.

Some of these women expressed mom guilt for attending, but it is actually mom fulfillment. It's hard to step away from our normal obligations, but it's so needed. You just have to be willing to say YES to yourself!

~Be You In Palisade, Colorado - Oct 2020