SELF COMPASSION WITH CAROLYN MOHLER: “Self compassion and self esteem are not the same thing!” Carolyn taught us so many different ways to look at compassion. These are just a few I want to share with you;

  • Replace the criticism with compassion.

  • You are not responsible for your trauma. We go through what she calls a “Safety Trauma Cycle.”

  • Depression and anxiety are a protection response.

  • Self kindness produces motivation which then produces oxytocin.

  • Anxiety does not live in the present. Anxiety lives in the past and in the future.

  • Mindfulness lives in the present.

  • Boundaries are important. Setting a boundary is a true sense of safety.

She taught us a phrase to say whenever we feel that we need a little more self compassion;

“This is a moment of suffering. Suffering is a part of life. May I be kind to myself.”

She encouraged that we write ourselves a permission slip to be more compassionate to ourselves every single day!

SMASH HOUSE: Can you honestly think of a better way to spend an afternoon with the girls? It was the perfect opportunity to allow your emotions to come to surface, face whatever has been bothering you or weighing you down and smash it!!! Honestly, it was such an ELEVATING experience.

WORDS HAVE POWER WITH BECKY KEMP: “What words are you putting on today?” There was so much to take away from the things Becky taught us about the power of words. Particularly how they can affect us throughout our day and even our life. These were the highlights of what she taught us;

  • Become a “yes and” person.

  • Use the word “how” instead of “why”

  • Ditch willpower and put on word power.

Becky encouraged us to say this out loud to ourselves; “I accept myself unconditionally, right now!”

ELEVATE YOU WITH BRITTNEY STEVENS: Brittney shared her story with us and how she gained the ability to accept what she can’t change. Instead she taught us the importance of growth. These two things are so important;

  • Grow Vs. Go

  • Growing is sustainable.

How are you going to grow through your experiences? “When you choose to grow you start to see yourself, you start to feel your heartbeat, you start to see your mind grow, you start to pick out the weeds and plant new seeds.”

FUN IN THE SUN: An afternoon at the pool? Enough said!


t comes to mind when reminiscing about our experience with Hollie is ENERGY!!! She was such a ray of light and her spirit was so inviting. She took us to a very sacred place in Santa Clara where she lead us through a spiritual drum circle. Wow!!! What an experience. It was one of those times where you just had to be there to understand.

UNTIL NEXT TIME: We laughed, we cried, we CONNECTED! This retreat was one for the books and an experience like no other! We hope you’ll join us at our next retreat in October.

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