Our 2nd Finalist for our INSPIRE project is @Kristin Farrar!!! She was nominated by both of her daughters. <3 <3 <3

Here is what they had to say about Kristin!!!!!

I know it’s cliché to nominate your mom because everyone loves their mama.

So let me explain why mine really should be nominated.

Single mom of 3 kids after my dad left. We lived thousands of miles away from any family, we did everything on our own to make our family work! There were literal miracles because the most my mom ever earned was $12/hour... Idk how we made it. After she got remarried 8 years ago (me and my sister were already grown and out of the house by this point) a month later she woke up after having a brain hemorrhage that made her blind.

It was supposed to be her happy ending, my sister and I were certain my stepdad was going to leave - but the “in sickness and in health” part of their vows hit a lot sooner than anyone was expecting.

Last year she was diagnosed with a brain tumor, and one of her eyes has completely died so she has one prosthetic eye now.

She is my rock and my constant. She is always working to help someone else. Right now she’s making calls to organize turkey donations to a local food bank who needs 125 turkeys for 125 families.

She loves and teaches us to love, unconditionally, she teaches us that what true Christianity is. She’s smarter than almost anyone I know, she was the mom that all the friends loved. Despite us not having a lot we grew up in a rough part of Florida and knew if others needed food we’d always have space.


We asked Kristin some questions

1- What are you passionate about? I would say I’m passionate about community service. Most recently I got turkeys for families in need; we were able to feed 109 families. Getting back some of what was lost when I became blind, and knowing I can still do it but in a different way. And also education about people with disabilities, and how disabilities look different from person to person.

3- What is your favorite song?? My favorite song is “you’ll be in my heart” from the Tarzan movie by Phil Collins. 4- What would be your perfect day? My perfect day would probably be a vacation. It’s not so much a specific place but a place where no one can reach me by phone but I’m with my kids and especially my grandchildren.

Kristin! Keep being a light in the world!!!! Thanks for inspiring so many to be better humans, to laugh and to love.

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