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Be YOU's Inspire project!!!!!! We asked our followers to nominate someone that was deserving of our INSPIRE PROJECT!!!!! It was so hard to pick just three winners. Everyone is amazing in their own way!!!!

Meet Raylynne Cooper!!!!! She was nominated by her friend Suzy Lieber.

Here is what Suzy had to say about her!!!

As as senior, She embraced being loved by a man as a gift from God. Her Short love affair ended from his illness. She sets goals to encourage purpose with passion. Much of her goals include reclaiming past assets and memories. She thrives creating memories for friends and family at her home called Spirit Ranch in Montana. The best gift to give her is a beach vacation; so she can walk on the beach for hours. She is certified to sit with the terminally ill and helps them cross over in peace.

We wanted to get to know Raylynne a little more so we asked her a few questions. Here are her answers from our interview.

I am very passionate about our nations treasures, our senior citizens in their final years. They hold so much wisdom and knowledge and are often not given the opportunity to share that. They also were the founders and very responsible for our world as it is today and all the wonderful things they built created and contributed to. I am also passionate about end of life and the 11th hour when we transition from here to the other side. As a thanatologist and end of life Doula is an honor to be present as a loved one takes their final breath. It is just touching, it was when we hear our child's first breath. We all die and it is so funny how it is something that we choose not to think about or deal with . I am also passionate about rust, dust and barn wood. I'd collect it, I surround myself with it, I take pictures of it.I truly believe I lived a life in the wild west and long to create that experience forme and my friends I love music and have so very many favorite songs Andrea bocelli "the prayer" brings me to my knees but I love "because you loved me" My perfect day would start with waking to the crawl of my roosters, Laying in bed and feeling the breeze blow through the room and the curtains gentle movement with the breeze. I would lay in bed and watch the sunrise rising to grab a warm cup of tea and sit on my deck Listening to the waves crashing on the rocks. I would take a stroll down the beach with a little beachcombing returning to prepare a healthy beautiful meal of fresh ingredients as my family arrives for a beautiful day of fun in the sun. That evening we will go out for a sunset cruise on the catamaran giggling and eating wonderful appetizers, surrounded by music, joyful dolphins and an amazing sunset. We return to the house and all sit around the campfire roasting s'more's and reminiscing about the amazing life we have and all the miracles we have manifested. Laughing and giggling the whole night through My most embarrassing moment- I participated in a life mastery course Were they were to teach you how to be the master of your life. They gave you little assignments that they would call " a stretch" . These exercises were to get you out of your comfort zone teach you to lean in and not worry about anything except for just being in the moment and staying present. In front of 50 people I had to dress up and sing proud mary, glitter, high herls and all...The funny thing is when I leaned in I channeled the singer and had an absolute blast to the point of getting the girls. And a standing ovation .

Raylynne, keep being an inspiration to all you come in contact with! We are honored to have got to spend some time with you at one of our retreats! We hope to see you very soon!!!!!!

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