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March 17th- 20th, 2022
St. George, Utah

Ignite the fire from within
and become the person you were meant to be!

This event is for you if

-You are ready for a transformation

-You are looking for a sense of belonging 

-You are Feeling burnt out

- You are Exhausted

 - You are Unfulfilled

 - You feel like you are Losing clarity

- You are Unmotivated

 - You feel Stuck

- You want to be in the same space as high vibe women

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stands behind the idea that women are stronger together, and that connecting with other women is vital to growth.
You'll find an incredibly supportive female community,
invaluable insights from speakers and resources!!

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Ignite the Fire from within will be an experience you won't forget!!! 

We are committed to helping you find balance,

uplifted, and connect with likeminded women. 

We will take care of you from the moment you arrive and make you feel welcome!  We take pride in creating an amazing experience from the moment you walk in the door!  You will feel like you are catching up with old friends! 

Your 4-day, 3-night stay at this beautiful home

includes amazing home cooked meals

by our caterers that have been offering their services with us for years.


The venue includes 

Hot tub & Pool |  Fire Pit | Theater Room | Game Room


Sometimes we find our tribe. Sometimes our tribe finds us. Sometimes we create our tribe.

No matter how it comes about, having a group to help you through life is one of the most important things you can have. Connecting with people who get you, accept you, support you and celebrate you

is an amazing thing!

St. George 2022
Mar 17, 5:00 PM – Mar 20, 9:00 AM
St. George,
St. George, UT, USA
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Amanda Louder is a Certified Life Coach who helps women from conservative Christian backgrounds love their sex life. She helps women embrace their sexuality to help them strengthen their relationship with themselves, their spouse, and God. In addition to being a coach, Amanda is also a wife to Kevin, and mom and step-mom to 5 kids, ranging in ages from 12-21.  In her spare time, she enjoys reading, watching her kids play sports, fishing, and camping. To hear more from Amanda, you can find her on Instagram @AmandaLouderCoaching, her podcast “Sex For Saints” where she talks about all things sex and marriage, or on her website AmandaLouder.com


Announcing More soon 

This retreat is for women looking to connect with themselves and other women in a meaningful way.  We know how hard it can be to do everything that needs to be done, provide for the needs of loved ones, and manage our own emotional, mental and physical needs.  We have helped many women just like you to find a moment to reconnect with themselves, receive empowering tools and information, and return home with the energy needed to improve their quality of life.

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Hi! I’m Kaili and I’m a hot mess. Technically we all are but I have the opportunity to share my mess with you so you know you’re not alone. I talk about resilience, self acceptance, and more to help you realize you’re amazing, even when it doesn’t feel like it. I’ve had the opportunity to share these messages on TV, at multiple speaking events, on my podcast, and more. I can’t wait to meet you!

Shana is a life couch and talks about Happiness. she asks the questions "Am I happy?" "What is happiness to you?" "Is happiness even the goal?" she will explore what this really means.

Amanda Louder is a Certified Life Coach who helps women from conservative Christian backgr
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 Hugh will lead you through the transformation process that a wild horse goes through to become a warhorse.


You’ll watch Hugh’s wild mustangs learn how to think under pressure to become the warhorse it is meant to be. You’ll see how your life’s pressures have a purpose to help you become the warrior you were meant to be. We will then discuss how the mustang taught you a little more about yourself.

As a registered nurse, Rachel sees the effects of emotional health on the physical body. Combining her knowledge about mind, spirit and body, Rachel empowers individuals to release their outdated programming and upgrade their lives as well those they influence!

Tentative Agenda


5:30 - 6:30 - Guest Check-in
7:00 - Dinner 
8:00 pm - Opening ceremonies


8:30 am - Breakfast
10:00 am - Shana Harrington 
12:00 pm- Lunch
1:30 -  Rachel Hendrickson
3:30 - Amanda Louder 
5:30 pm - Dinner
7:00 pm - Free time

8:00 am - Breakfast
9:30 am - Kaili Smith
11:00 am - Drive to Ranch 
11:30 am - Welcome to the Ranch 
12:00 - Lunch
1:00 pm - Hugh Vail
3:30 pm - Fire Dance
4:30 pm - Travel back to House
6:00 pm - Dinner
7:00 pm - Closing ceremonies 

Sunday March 20th 
8:00 am - Grab and Go Breakfast 

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We take pride in providing 
an outstanding event that you can't get anywhere else! 

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What is the age limit
This event is for females age 18 and above.

Can I bring my baby/child?
No one under the age of 18 is allowed.  This event is for you!!  When you return home your family can benefit from the things you learned, and from taking some time to fill your cup. 

Do you have a payment plan?
Choose the payment option when registering for your ticket. 

What is your refund policy?
Tickets are non-refundable, however, you can transfer your ticket to another person.  Please let us know who will be taking your space.  We do keep a "waitlist" handy for those that didn't get registered that would like to join us. Reach out to us to see if we have anyone available to take your spot. 
When purchasing from any Be You Women's Retreats   you are “signing” that you know and understand our cancellation and refund policy when it comes to retreats hosted by Be You Women's Retreats, LLC. You are agreeing to the payment schedule and understand this is a binding agreement that payments will be made on time and that refunds are done on a scheduled basis. 

Health and Safety 
We understand and respect that everyone has varying levels of comfort about gathering in person, so we want to clearly communicate exactly what we can expect. By attending the event March 17th - 20th, you self-certify by attending the event that the following are TRUE within the 10 days prior to the dates of the event!  
- You have not had any symptoms associated with COVID-19
- You have not been diagnosed with COVID-19
-You have not had direct contact with a known case or suspected case of COVID-19
By attending this event in person, you knowingly and freely assume all such risks in connection with your participation, which include those related to illness and infectious disease, as stated in the terms and conditions agreed to at the time you registered. 

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